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Individuals Going Through Divorce


10 Tips for Averting Disaster During Your Divorce

By: Bonnie M.S. Reiss

  1. Do not leave the marital residence before speaking to an attorney.
  2. Do not sign mortgages, notes or loan documents if you believe your marriage may end.
  3. If your spouse talks about going bankrupt advise your divorce lawyer and speak to a bankruptcy lawyer immediately.
  4. Do not communicate with your attorney from any email accounts for which your spouse knows or could easily figure out your password(s).
  5. Change your internet passwords so that they are not your birthday, old address, pet’s name or any other combination that could be easily discerned.
  6. Do not talk about your spouse, your finances, your children or your divorce on any social networking site.
  7. Do not visit any internet sites that ask for pictures or make any reference to meeting for sexual activity.
  8. If you have any reason to believe your email may have been accessed by your spouse advise your attorney immediately and have a forensic expert examine your hard drive.
  9. Do not visit pornographic websites.
  10. If you believe that your spouse may have obtained information about where you have been driving or your telephone activity advise your attorney immediately so that she can have an expert determine whether your spouse has attached a GPS devise to your car or a forwarding devise to your cell phone.

Mrs. Reiss is a partner at Paras, Apy & Reiss, P.C. in Red Bank, New Jersey.  She has practiced family law for more than 30 years handling complex financial and custody cases.  She is an approved mediator by the Supreme Court of New Jersey and is trained in Collaborative Divorce.  She is the author of Divorce: A Guide to the Process which can be downloaded from her firm’s website,